Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop offers a range of shared work areas, specially designed to accommodate contemporary sculptural practice and staffed by a Technical Team who are practising artists. Charges are set at an affordable level, and the facilities are available for use by Members and Non-Members.




Machinery: Band saw, table saw, planer, thicknesser, belt sander, router, drills.
Equipment & Tools: Drills, clamps, saws and a range of other hand tools. Extra charges apply for specialist equipment & tools.

Wood Workshop

Mixed Media

Equipment: Electric kiln, sand blaster, sinks, workbenches.
Extra charges apply for kiln use.

Mixed-Media Space


Equipment: MIG & TIG welders, plasma cutter, oxy-acetylene cutting & welding, metal roller, box folder, cut off saw, gas forge.
Extra charges apply for equipment consumables.

Metal Workshop



Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop has foundry facilities for small to medium scale casting and the foundry programme is designed to assist artists in their research and professional development.

Led by ESW’s  Foundry Technician and working in groups artists can experience investment, ceramic shell and sand mould making. ESW’s furnace can melt aluminium and bronze and Edinburgh Cast Metals who are situated nearby at North Leith Sands are pleased to discuss pouring iron.



Designated spaces are available for stone & wood carving. We cannot provide stone cutting facilities.



We do not offer or support commercial fabrication or furniture-making or allow access for any non-sculptural production activity. We do not allow resin, sandstone or helium to be used.


Kilns (Only available to Members)

Charge for use: £2.50 per day + 30p per electrical unit used
Deposit: £50 – paid before the firing starts, and off-set against firing charge.

Two Kilns are available to fire ceramics, clay and glass.
Blue Kiln – H: 75cm, W 80cm, D:52cm
Green Kiln – H: 55cm, W: 38cm, D: 50cm

Time for cooling at the end of the firing is included in the charging time.

Before you book:

Ensure you know the firing, cooling and total time you will need to book the Kiln.
Have you got your programme prepared and ready?

If you have little or no experience, or have any other questions to do with firing, then please call one of our Technicians on 0131 551 4490 and they will be happy to help with your questions.


Book in advance by phoning 0131 551 4490.
Minimum booking time is a Session (a half day).

Morning Session: 9.30am – 1pm
Afternoon Session: 1pm – 5pm

Charges & Payment Terms

Payment is made at Reception before the start of the Session
(All prices include VAT at the current rate)

Session = Half dayMember Rates
Session Fee£5 (£3.75 Concession)
1 Week Card£28.50 (£21.50 Concession)
1 Month card£105.00 (£80 Concession)
10 Session Card£41 (£31 Concession)
20 Session Card£82 (£62 Concession)

Prices in brackets show Concession rates.
Eligibility for Concession: Senior, Student, Graduate (last 3 Years), Unemployed*

Additional charges apply for Named User equipment, Kiln firings, Forklift, Storage, Training.

Named User Equipment

Training required before using Named User equipment in the Wood and Metal Workshops and these are assessed by, and arranged directly with, the Technical Team.

Named-User equipment charges per Session: (Training is required for machine use)

Named User equipment in the Wood & Metal Workshops is available to use at the following times:

Monday to Saturday

9.30am – 12.30pm and 1.30pm to 4.30pm

Metal Workshop, Per session, Access All Machines – £8

Plasma Cutter – £7.50
MIG Welder – £5.00
TIG Welder – £6.00 (plus 30p per rod)
Oxy-Acetylene Cutting – £6.00
Oxy-Acetylene Welding – £5.00
Gas Forge – £5.00

Wood Workshop, Per session, Access All Machines – £3

Single charge gives access to use all equipment.
Includes access to: Table Saw, Band Saw, Planer / Thicknesser, Sander & Chop Saw
Table Saw Cut Rate: 50p per cut

NEW Workshop Consumables Prepayment Card
Pay for your consumables use in advance – choose the value when you buy the card. To pay for small consumable items and machine use, present the card to the Technician who will deduct the charges from the running total on your card .
Unused value can be refunded or carried forward to your next card.

First Time User

A Health & Safety introduction is required before using the facilities in Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, and these are arranged directly with the Building Manager or Workshop Technicians.


One-to-one Training – £30 per hour

ESW Technicians can provide training in all workshop equipment usage, call in advance to book.

Length of training required varies according to individual aptitude and will be judged by the technician.

Training is required for all Named User Equipment in the Wood and Metal Workshops. Training can be arranged on a one to one basis or in small groups.


Training and Inductions are arranged directly with the Technicians and advance booking is required.


Fabrication can be arranged with the Technical Team (dependent on availability).

£55 per hour

Technical Support

Workspaces are open 6 days a week: Monday to Saturday, 9.30am – 5.00pm
Technical support available from 10.30am – 12.30pm and 2.00pm – 4.30pm.

Technicians can provide general advice and skills training across various workshop processes, you will need to book time with a Technician if you need dedicated assistance.

Support outside of these times can often be arranged in advance, and is organised directly with the Technicians (subject to availability).

Artists wanting to make or develop work over a longer period for example, a large public artwork or a body of work for an exhibition should discuss access requirements with a member of the Technical Team before making a booking.

For specialist skills training and advice sessions, a fee will be charged at an hourly rate.

Other Services

Forklift Hire

£5 per 15 minutes, Phone Technical Team in advance to book forklift. 0131 551 4490


£12 per month per pallet (subject to availability & space, arranged directly with Technicians)


 Per Month6 months paid in advance

 (All prices include VAT at the current rate)

We are unfortunately unable to offer spaces for hire for exhibitions outside of our own programme.

Group Bookings

Individual Artists and organisations can book work spaces, make use of our fabrication services and access technical assistance for their own projects or education activities.

Please email for further information.

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August 2017