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Courtyard Bays Workspace

Workshop bookings can be made by Members who have had been inducted into those spaces or machines by the technicians. Workspace bookings can be made by Members who have had a general building induction. Please book a maximum of 3 sessions per week so that there is space for other people. If you are working to a specific timeline and feel like you would need more time, please speak to the technicians in advance who will try to work with you to find alternatives. We can’t currently do inductions because of the pandemic restrictions but please do contact us if you would like to be inducted in the future. You can join to become a Member here.

Course Full


Open air but under cover, these individual bays are ideal work spaces. There are 3 bays on the north side of the Courtyard (nearest Cafe MILK) and two bays are on the south side of the Courtyard (left hand side, near the cycle path). Each has either a large worktable or a wooden banker.
If you have a preference to which side pf the courtyard you would like to work, please specify this when booking.
Available Tuesday to Friday (not Saturdays).