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Workshops and Workspaces

Specialist machinery and facilities supported by highly skilled technicians.

Workshops and Workspaces

Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop offers a range of shared spaces, specially designed to accommodate contemporary sculptural practice and staffed by a technical team who are practising artists. Prices are set at an affordable level.

Each month, on a rolling basis, bookings for the following month will open on or soon after the 15th of the month, and Members will be notified directly by email. 

If you need to book a Building Induction or Workshop Inductions please get in touch (individual Workshop Inductions can take place on Wednesday mornings, limited availability).

Working at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop

We have gone through a process of assessing each space and facility, allocating solo or 2-sharing use of the Workshops as this cuts down on the safety variables while we are still so conscious of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As part of this process we have identified the useful Workspaces around the building which complement the core Workshops and are suitable for other sorts of working. This includes several outside spaces. All of these will be available to book as we develop the booking system which you can access on the sections below.

In normal times, Workshop bookings can be made by Members who have had a general building induction, and been inducted into those spaces or machines by the Technicians.


To work here you pay a session fee, which gives access to all the shared workspaces. There are additional charges for some of the workshop machinery, for consumables and for workshop services such as training, forklift use and storage.  Details of charges and payments are included in the workshop information and booking process.


When first coming to ESW as a Member you need to have a Building Induction. After this you are able to book and use all spaces in the Workspaces category. There are further inductions needed for specific Workshops (eg Metal, Wood, Plaster and Ceramics) which are carried out the Technicians. Building Inductions and Workshop Inductions are now available for new Members.

You can join to become a Member here.

Number of Bookings

So that access can be shared please do not book more than 2 sessions (half days) per week. We will monitor and adjust this over time.

If you are working on a big project or have an important deadline, please contact Technician, Stephen Murray, to arrange a time to meet to discuss your project in advance, so that we can plan ahead with you and devise a programme of work.

Personal Protective Equipment

Workshop users are asked to bring their own PPE including PPF3 Mask, Eye Protection, Ear Protection, Gloves and Boots. We have a very limited supply and will only hand out disinfected items at start of session if a user cannot supply their own. We will provide specialist items, Welding Hoods etc, with a specific disinfection protocol before and after session.

COVID-19 and Coming to ESW

Please read fuller information about our response to the COVID-19 pandemic and instructions about how to prepare for coming to ESW on our COVID-19 Re-introduction of Activities page including the Checklist Flow Chart and Access Manual which reflect government guidance. It’s essential that you read these before coming to the building.

Wood Workshop

ESW’s Wood Workshop is a large workshop with access through full height doors from the Covered Yard and carpark.

There are several work benches for use in conjunction with the fixed equipment including table saw, bandsaw, chop saw, sander and pillar drill.

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Metal Workshop - Not Welding

The Metal Workshop at ESW is a dedicated space for working in metal but NOT using any named user machinery. Dedicated welding area is booked separately in Metal Workshop – Welding.

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Metal Workshop - Welding Area

This is the Welding Area within the Metal Workshop. Machines include MIG and TIG Welders, Plasma Cutter, Cold Saw and Gas Forge.

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Covered Yard - Stone Zone Central Space

The Stone Zone for small scale stone carving with air tools is ideal for projects where good airflow is necessary. This listing is for the central space which has large stone pieces set out on low bankers. Situated in the Covered Yard beside the main gate, it provides easy access for delivery of materials or work. Machine use is limited due to Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop’s proximity to residential areas.

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Covered Yard - Stone Work Wall Space

Bench space ideal for small scale stone carving with air tools where good airflow is necessary. This listing is for the space against the wall with higher bankers. Situated in the Covered Yard beside the main gate, it provides easy access for delivery of materials or work. Machine use is limited due to Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop’s proximity to residential areas.

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Courtyard Bays - Workspace

Open air but under cover, individual bays provide ideal outdoor workspaces. From August 2021 there are four spaces available; two on the south side of the Courtyard (left hand side, near the cycle path) and two on the north side, with either a large worktable or a wooden banker. Available Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

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Plaster Workshop

This space has a large worktable suitable for working with plaster and associated mould making. There is a large sink with plaster trap.

Same room but separated from the Ceramic Workshop.

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Ceramic Workshop

This space has a large worktable suitable for working on hand building and sculpting with ceramics.

Kiln Firings (for Members only) are arranged directly with Ash Lim.

Same room but separated from the Plaster Workshop.

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Foundry and Mould Making Space

Foundry facilities for small to medium scale casting designed to assist artists in their research and professional development. Casting workshops are advertised throughout the year when it’s also possible to have an induction or training, then work in the dedicated Mould Making Space.

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Minimum booking time is a Session (a half day).

These times include set up and clean up. There are additional special cleaning routines in place at the start and end of each session due to COVID-19. All users are responsible for cleaning their workspace, including machine handles, before and after their session. The ESW Team are also doing additional cleaning.

Morning Session: 9:30am – 12.45pm
Afternoon Session:
1:30pm – 4.45pm

It’s important to arrive at the start time of your booking (within 15 minutes). Please come to the main entrance to sign in before going to your designated Workshop or Workspace.

Technical Support

Please put as much information into the booking process as possible as this will help us prepare for your booking. Technicians will always be present if you have a booking in the Workshops but interactions should be kept to a minimum because of observing physical distancing guidance. That’s why working things out in advance is really important and this can happen on the phone as well as through the booking process. If you want to speak on the phone please include your contact details.

You will need to book time with a Technician if you need dedicated assistance. Support outside of these times can often be arranged in advance, and is organised directly with the Technicians (subject to availability and government guidelines). Once we are able to move into providing inductions to new users and one to one technical training we will have this type of session available to book online also.

Charges & Payment Terms

Payment is made online at the time of pre-booking. Additional payments on the day, eg for consumables, can be made at Reception.
Non-member rates are double the member rates.

SessionMember Rates
Session Fee£5.00 (£3.75 Concession)

Eligibility for Concession: Senior, Student, Graduates (graduated within the last 3 Years), Unemployed

All prices include VAT at the current rate.

Named User Equipment Charges per Session

The booking system enables you to pre-book and prepay for machine use at the same time as you book your session. If you need to pay for any consumable items during your visit you will be instructed how to do so on the day. Named User Equipment in the Wood and Metal Workshops – users are required to undertake specific safety induction for each piece before booking or using them.

Other Services and Charges

Forklift – £5.00 per 15 minutes

Storage – £12.00 per month per pallet. (Limited availability. Only available to current Studio and Project Space holders)

Lockers – a range of sizes is available with prices ranging from £5 to £12 per month. Minimum initial hire is 3 months.

Training & Fabrication

We hope that we will be able to resume one to one training and other activity in the autumn.

Skills Training – £30.00 per hour

Consultancy – first hour is free, £30.00 per hour

Fabrication Costs– base rate of £30.00 per hour

All prices include VAT at the current rate.