There are 26 studios in the Bill Scott Sculpture Centre, with a studio community of around 30 artists. Two studios are used for the annual residency programme, accommodating around twelve visiting artists each year. The remaining Studios are curated and leases are available on a solo or shared studio basis, at affordable rates.

Studio holders have access to well-equipped workshops and research facilities, as well as 24 hour access to their studios.

Types of Studio Lease

Fixed Term, up to 5 years, 20 studios available
Short Term, 1 to 2 years, 2 studios available

Monthly rate: Solo – £142      2 sharing – £100     3 sharing – £67

Graduate Studios, up to 3 years, 2 studios available

Artists who are within three years of graduating from a UK College or University can apply to the Graduate Support Scheme allowing them a reduced rate, shared studio for up to three years.

2 sharing: Year 1 – £80   Year 2 – £87   Year 3 – £93
3 sharing: Year 1 – £53   Year 2 – £58   Year 3 – £62

Project Spaces (Quadrant)

Paolozzi Project Space

Weekly Rate: £30
Monthly Rate: £100
Deposit: £50

Available for Projects from 1 week to 3 Months

Artists can apply to work in the Paolozzi Project Space or Labs Project Space for periods of up to three months on specific art projects. These spaces accommodate up to four artists and are based at workshop level.

Download a Project Space Proposal form here

Research Studios

Studios are available from time to time for shorter, more focussed periods of work.

Applications for studios are welcomed at any time from professional artists working within contemporary sculpture practice.

Studio Holders’ Benefits

24 hour access to studios

Free access to other workshop and meeting spaces for your own work (Wood, Metal & – Mixed Media Workshops, outdoor bays, IT Space). Additional charges apply to workshop use for consumables and use of specialist equipment.

Opportunities to book spaces for talks, presentations or events that may support Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop’s professional education or research programmes.

Studio Selection and Management

We select artists at different stages in their careers to ensure a range of experience, skills and contacts within the studio community. Selection is by a panel of artists and arts professionals.

Artists can sub-let their studio for up to one year if they are offered residency or research opportunities elsewhere. Sub-lets will be included within the period of the lease so leases will not be extended by the length of any sub-lets. Employment or teaching positions do not fall under this category.

In return for the subsidised support, studio holders are asked to make a contribution to Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop. Ways are outlined in which this contribution is described below and artists are trusted to fulfil this obligation on an annual basis.

All studio holders must be members of Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop.

Studios are not available to undergraduate students in full-time education.

Studio Pool

Artists whose applications are deemed acceptable by the selection panel but who cannot be allocated a studio immediately will have the opportunity to be added to the Studio Pool to be considered for the next available studios. When studios become available selection committees will review the pool and attempt where possible to allocate from this list before going to open call.

Artists in the Studio Pool may be asked to update their application after one year. The selection panel will select from the pool taking into consideration the existing balance of studio holders which may mean that artists in the pool will not be awarded studios chronologically.


Only artists, who have satisfied a rigorous selection procedure reflecting the quality of their work and its place within contemporary sculpture practice, as well as their need for a studio, are offered spaces. Applicants must also be able to demonstrate their commitment to a significant level of usage during their tenure of a studio.


Criteria for Selection

Applicants should be able to demonstrate:

  • A high quality of work
  • Skills of a high standard
  • Their work is located within contemporary sculpture practice
  • An engagement with audiences and/or participants
  • A clear vision for the development of their work and a need for studio space
  • A willingness to engage in peer or professional development and the exchange or transfer of knowledge
  • How working at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop will benefit their practice
  • How they will actively contribute to Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop activities

Studio Holders’ Contribution

Studio holders will be expected to demonstrate they have supported three or more areas of contribution each year. Examples of the types of ways in which Studio Holders will be expected to contribute to Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop activities:

Contribute to a Community of Skills

  • Give talks about your practice from time to time as part of Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop’s artistic programme
  • Participate in Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop’s members-led research programme
  • Act as a mentor for students or involve student interns in your practice in some way
  • Assist the technical team with workshop management e.g. rationalising of space, maintenance
  • Skills share with other Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop-based artists – providing technical support or advice for members and users
  • Teach on Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop’s Education Programme (paid positions)

Contribute to Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop’s strategic development and profile-raising

  • Stand for election to sit on one of Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop’s committees e.g. Board of Directors, Artistic Committee, Selection or Management Committees
  • Undertake Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop members’ representative role
  • When relevant credit Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop on exhibition or commission publicity material
  • Input into focus groups and take part in group events at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop
  • Upload images and information onto Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop’s website (artists’ pages)
  • Act as an ambassador for Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop when travelling/exhibiting abroad
  • Initiate links with other national or international arts organisations
  • Feedback to staff on ways to improve Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop facilities and activities

Contribution to the wider community outside of Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop

  • Suggest new audiences for Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop to reach
  • Volunteer to assist with open days and public events at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop (at least one event per year) OR agree to open your studio for visitors to
  • Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop and discuss your work informally (at least once a year)
  • Propose Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop as the location for partnership projects
  • Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop would be delighted to hear studios holders’ suggestions of other ways they could contribute


Please Download and complete the application form  below and submit your CV, with a PDF of an Artist Statement and 8 images of your work. Email limit is 10mb so you can also Dropbox or WeTransfer the files to

ESW Studio Application Form 2016




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August 2017