Crabs and Butterflies…

14 November 2015
2–6 pm

Collective Art and Writing Lab with writer and curator Jessica Gogan, recipient of the ECA/ESW Research Residency in Art Writing bursary.

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RWX (Read/Write/eXecute)

29 – 31 October 2015

LOCALHOST presents a symposium and worksession on tools, permissions, and cultural production in the digital age

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Doors Open Day 2015

27 September 2015, 12-4pm

Sculpture Centre tours, 12-4pm
Studio Tour, 1pm
Architect’s Tour, 2pm

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Concrete Antenna
Album launch

10 September 2015

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Open Reading
Richard Taylor

23 May 2015, 2–6pm

Open Reading, Event and Performance with artist and writer Richard Taylor

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Symbiopsychotaxiplasm Take One

25 April, 2015, 6pm

Screening at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop
Creative Labs

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Edits-While-U-Wait is a project initiated by Claire Walsh, presented here as part of Suzanne van der Lingen’s residency at ESW and her research project, ‘Reading in the Dark’, commissioned by MAP.

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How do you do?
Johanna Billing

How do you do? Is an attempt to capture collective knowledge, expertise and erudition of Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop’s community.

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