Micro Residency Artists 2016/17 Announced

We are pleased to announce the artists selected for the Micro Residency 2016/17 programme are Patrick Cole, Jemma Egan, Sarah Rose and John Walter.

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Berlin – Edinburgh

This October and November Edinburgh and Berlin based artists will be exchanging locations, swapping their familiar surroundings for exhibiting, networking and production opportunities in new environments.

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Neukölln Exports
Lena von Gödeke, Andy Holtin and Tobias Sternberg

Part of the Edinburgh-Berlin artists exchange

28 October– 2 November
Monday – Saturday, 11:00am – 5:00pm

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Active Artworks with Arduino
Andy Holtin

Part of the Edinburgh-Berlin artists exchange

Saturday 22 October
10:00am – 4:30pm
6 Hours

Workshop is free but participants will have to invest in some equipment.

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Artists’ Talk
Lena von Gödeke & Tobias Sternberg

Part of the Edinburgh-Berlin artists exchange

Saturday 29 October
2:00pm – 4:00pm

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Kenny Hunter

30 July – 24 September 2016

An exhibition of new and reconfigured works by Kenny Hunter as part of the Edinburgh Art Festival

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The Miraculous
Raphael Rubinstein with Maeve Redmond and Sophie Dyer

4 June – 24 September 2016

An exhibition relocating the work and lives of artists to the spaces of Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop

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New Autumn Sculpture Courses

New Sculpture Courses launched for Autumn 2016

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Talk Kenny Hunter and Mhairi Maxwell

Thursday 25 August 6pm

Join Kenny Hunter and Mhairi Maxwell for a discussion surrounding the use of digital technology in Hunter’s exhibition Reproductive!

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Siân Robinson Davies

16 July – 3 September 2016

A new audio work presenting situations where objects have conversations with each other

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Kenny Hunter

Edinburgh Art Festival

6th August, 2 – 3.30pm

Kenny Hunter will deliver a talk on how the monumental tradition has informed his work.

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Concrete Antenna

Open until 30 June 2016

Tommy Perman | Simon Kirby | Rob St John

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