Programme Archive

Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop’s programme is a source of continuing professional development for artists providing space, time and learning opportunities to help artists develop their practice. A programme of funded residencies, critical discussions, and networking events enables artists to produce work, develop skills and advance their practice.

Our public programme of exhibitions, seminars and talks enables audiences to see new work and to meet the artists working here.

The education programme supports schools, adult learning and professional development for arts and education sectors.


  • Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 12.22.24 PM

    Date: 22 October – 22 November 2015
    Artist: Jessica Gogan
    Programme: ECA/ESW Research Residency in Art Writing bursary

  • Amy Bouton

    Date: 12 September – 12 December 2015
    Artist: Amy Boulton
    Programme: ECA/ESW Bursary Award
    Artist Website:

  • 2. norbert_delman

    Date: 11 August – 31 October 2014
    Artist: Norbert Delman
    Programme: RSA International Residency for Polish Artists
    Artist Website:

  • Emma Ewan

    Date: 1 September – 19 October 2014
    Artist: Emma Ewan
    Programme: Micro Residency
    Artist Website:

  • Art Writing

    Year: 2014
    Artist: David Osbaldeston
    Programme: ECA Residency in Art Writing

  • justyna_and_aleksandra

    Year: 2014
    Artists: Justyna Ataman & Aleksandra Roch
    Programme: ESW/RSA New Contemporaries Award

  • Shift/Work 2014

    Year: 2014
    Programme: Shift/Work

  • Jennie Temple

    Year: 2014
    Artist: Jennie Temple
    Programme: TANK


  • Rachel Adams

    Year: 2013/14
    Artist: Rachel Adams
    Programme: Micro Residency

  • 2.1lendita_xhemajli

    Year: 2013
    Artist: Lendita Xhemajli
    Programme: Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop/RSA Graduate Award
    Artist Website:

  • Marianne E

    Year: 2013
    Artist: Marianne Eigenheer
    Programme: Resident

  • Chris Walker

    Year: 2013
    Artist: Chris Walker
    Programme: Micro Residency

  • Julita Wojcik

    Year: 2013
    Artist: Julita Wojcik
    Programme: RSA International Residency for Polish Artists


  • Andrew Gannon

    Year: 2012
    Artist: Andrew Gannon
    Programme: Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop/Edinburgh College of Art Bursary
    Artist Website:

  • 2.1shift_work_2012

    Year: 2012
    Artist: Susie Green & David Sherry
    Programme: Shift/Work


  • Laura & Ailsa

    Year: 2011/12
    Artist: Laura Edbrook & Ailsa Lochhead
    Programme: Creative Initiative

  • Augustus Veinoglou

    Year: 2011
    Artist:Augustus Veinoglou
    Programme: Edinburgh College of Art/Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop Bursary
    Artist Website: